About me


 This blog is for everyone who considers themself a ´world citizien´. For the exchange students, expats and travelers. For those whose Facebook newsfeed is filled with posts in all different languages, some of which they even speak. For people who live for cultural differences and discovering new places, meeting international people.

´Traveling my way home´ is for the people who consider more than one place to be home and who travel the world to find this place.



 I am a 19-year-old Dutch girl with a passion for traveling, photography and languages

I think the experience of living abroad or really traveling is something not a lot of people know or even understand. I did an exchange in Panama when I was 16 and eversince I have been more and more passionate about learning new things and living in other countries.
RIgth now I am back in my home country, studying Latin American Studies at the University of Leiden.

Feel free to ask me any questions or leave a comment!

13 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hello! I don’t know good blog-comment-ediquette, so I apologize if this is abrupt.
    But anyways, I’m Collette. I’m an 17 year-old American in Italy right now, and I am about 3 1/2 months through with my 9 1/2 month exchange. This is my first time in a foreign country and I came to Italy only knowing as much as the Lizzie McGuire Movie, Eat Pray Love, and Under the Tuscan Sun*.
    *hopefully you’ve seen these films, they are very stereotypical in the way Italy is portrayed, DEFINITELY NOT showing how dynamic this little boot of a country is!
    I just wanted to tell you that (1) your English writing is perfect and (2) I love all of your blog posts. I can connect with each and every one of them, and many of the things I’ve done or feelings I’ve had but couldn’t put into words, you have!
    I have a blog as well, but it’s not as well organized and focused as yours. Your blog in general is a great inspiration for me as both a writer and traveller. Just reading your posts gives me confidence in myself and makes me feel better knowing I’m not the only one out there feeling these things.
    I’m not sure where I was going with this besides just telling you that you’re very inspirational to me. I’m always very envious of other countries besides the United States because you are taught multiple languages throughout your whole life while our education system doesn’t value the power COMMUNICATION! You’re very lucky. And I think the US is very silly in this domain.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas from a fellow world traveller!

    -Collette Kokesh
    Oregon, US / Mantova, Italy

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    • Hey there Collette! You have no idea how great it is to read this! During my exchange I only wrote a few blog posts and I just started picking it up again. It is funny how everything I write is from personal experience and feels so specific, yet it appears that so many exchange students can relate to it. It`s truly amazing to receive a comment from someone saying they have felt the same way or even better, that they felt comforted by it.

      I was checking out your blog and I really loved what you wrote about christmas. I didn`t see a follow button linked to wordpress but keep up the good writing (you have already written more than me in my entire exchange year probably haha)

      Thank you for this christmas git, I hope you have an amazing rest of your exchange year! Enjoy every moment of it because trust me, even though it doesn`t seem that way at all, time goes by fast and you are going to want to go back to your exchange year so badly afterwards!

      Love, Amarens


  2. Hey! I just randomly stumbled upon your blog and I can relate so well! I’ve been on exchange twice, I love travelling and learning languages. And just reading the “about me” page made me smile because i was at the book shop today and I bought a language course for dutch! :p i sooo want to learn that language! hahaha!


  3. Hey!!
    im an 16 year old dutch girl and im currently in America as an exchange student. I saw your blog and I just think the way you see the world is amazing! you are amazing!


  4. Do more articles, they’re addicting! They’re written by understandable language and even I (who’s learning English) understand many of the ones 🙂 Keep it up!


  5. hei hei!

    Wow, your blog is amazing! (Hopeu ddon’t mind compliments on this, haha.) Om an exchange student in Norway at the moment and it’s just admirable how much effort you put into it!
    Your posts are great and your writing style as well!
    Greetings from ‘the north’!

    PS.: I’ll definitely take a quick glance on your blog now and then from now on to see if you’ve written sth new. 😉


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